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Andy Dannelley
2005-01-18, 08:52
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> I get this a lot with all mp3 files on OSX. It might
> have something to do with the server scanning the
> library. I did notice that turning on “Cache” in
> server settings:performance:music library database
> minimized this problem noticeably. If scanning is a
> contributing factor, is it possible to make the server
> not scan if a player is playing?
> JS

I am getting similar behavior in OS X. All my files are MP3 format.

I just checked and my server is set to Cache, so that's not helping me.
Usually (9 times out of 10) when I get the "Pause", it never restarts
when I'm using a single player. I noticed a strange thing last night,
that sometimes when I was using 2 Squezeboxen, that when 1 player
paused, that if the other player did not pause that "Paused" player
would restart on the next song. Leads me to believe that it could be
something software related (maybe). I'm still using Slim Server 5.2.1,
maybe there are some bug fixes in this area, but it seems to me that
folks with 5.4.x are having the same problem.

You may remember that I''ve been fighting a wireless network problem
for a long, long time. Well, I think I may have solved some of the
problem. I bought an Airport Express and dedicated it to music only.
I have it on channel 1, and my normal access on channel 7. The
computer ( an iMac G4 800Mhz) I use for a music server is dedicated to
being a music and print server, (no Internet access).

WIth the new dedicated music network on channel 1, my microwave no
longer conflicts with my music, I guess I got the right channel to get
the music away from the microwave,

Now if only I could get the "Pauses" fixed. It is more of an
irritation when I use music as a background to go to sleep, and the
music goes off, well, I usually don't jump up to fix it, so a fix would
be most welcome.

Any insights appreciated,