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Dan Goodinson
2005-01-18, 04:43
Thanks for the tip.

The room is pretty dry in there, so I'd not considered humidity as a
factor before. We use the room for storage, so there are a whole load
of boxes in there which have not been affected. For example, when I was
building a PC for my GF for Christmas, all the retail boxes for
motherboard, CPU, optical drives etc were all stored in there and
everything was fine each time I went out to do some work on it. And
this was in the lead-up to Christmas, when it was getting down to below
freezing on some nights in the Midlands (UK).

But you're right - I'll look into humidity measurements. I'm wondering
if there is some sort of device I can use for my PC to take electronic
humidity measurements, and keep a historic log. That way I can see how
the humidity varies.

You've got me thinking now :-) Thanks :-)

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Dan Goodinson wrote:
> My RAID disks are mounted in Antec HDD cooling caddies, although since

> the server is not inside the house (it's in "The Conservatory" -
> basically a plastic box on the side of the house) it gets pretty cold
> in there. Ambient temp can get as low as 5 degrees overnight. Case
> temp normally fluctuates between 10 degrees and 25 degrees, depending
> on how cold it is overnight.

I'd tend to think your problem here is humidity related, not
temperature. You've probably got dew forming in the mornings, which
can't be good for hard drives. You might want to start monitoring that.

My server box (linux, running slimserver as well as light-duty web/mail
and some other services) is in an unheated room in my basement, and I'm
in constant fear of this. That and the pipes bursting and spraying
water all over the server when the temp dips to -40. :/

I'm having my furnace replaced in the spring, and I'll see if I can get
a rad dropped into that room at the same time, so I only have to get
through one winter like this. :)

- Marc