View Full Version : Pre-amp to boost volume?

Michael Bowyer
2005-01-18, 03:16
Donald, have you tried attaching the SB via the CD player cable? The SB should work distortion free at max smoke, so either your cable is bad, or your amplifiers input circuit/impedance is questionable. There are a number of different DIN configurations depending on Tape/balanced/unbalanced, so make sure you're using the right cable!

DIN Connector for unbalanced Audio, Stereo (older European Devices)
5-pin, 180 degree, DIN connector (DIN 41524)

Pin 1 Input left
Pin 4 Input right
Pin 2 Ground
Pin 3 Output left
Pin 5 Output right

5 4 - Right input
3 1 - Left input


>I'm a new squeezebox user with a quick question on volume levels. When I crank up the squeezebox >volume beyond about 25 I get distortion/clipping - so best to keep it in the 10 - 20 range (Streaming >MP3s at near 60% signal strength). However at this level it's a bit quiet through the old hi-fi amp >which I'm having to crank right up to about 90/95% of it's range. It's plugged into the 'aux' input - >where a CD player works OK at decent volume levels.
>Can anyone tell me if the squeezebox outputs are better suited to modern amps - mine was bought in >1984, or if I could use a pre-amp to boost the signal?
>ANy suggestions gratefully received.