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Carl Maskelyne
2005-01-18, 03:06
Could the RAID put additional stress on the HDD - I have used Maxtor for
years with a standard IDE/SATA configuration and never had a problem.
Currently I have the 250GB and 300GB in a PC and 250GB in my my Humax PVR.


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Those were ATA.

In the end... I bought 8xIcyDock caddies for them... which have been
marvellous. Cooling fans for each drive... large contact areas to big
metal sinks... and temperature sensors and alarms per caddy. Well worth it.

-- Jules

Robin Bowes wrote:

> Jules Taplin wrote:
>> Interestingly... I'm running 6x200GB Maxtor's as RAID5 similarly. Had
>> several of them fail... but none at all since I got some decent
>> cooled docks for them. Disks cook, and if you let them get too hot...
>> they'll definately give up the ghost. 7 HDD's are hard to fit into
>> even big cases, and still preserve enough cooling, unless you do it
>> all in docks or similar. Since I got them docked... none of them have
>> got over 35 degrees C, and none have failed. I even have a single
>> volume that's been given an RMA code, and which I'm now probably not
>> going to return, as it's worked flawlessly ever since I sorted their
>> temperature out.
> Interesting.
> Are these ATA or SATA?
> Mine are mounted in a Coolermaster case with two fans for cooling,
> i.e. mounted in front of the drives. I may consider looking at a
> "proper" case with docks, dedicated cooling etc.
> Of course, it would help if SMART worked with SATA :|
> R.