View Full Version : L/R channels sometimes reversed when using optical output

Phillip Kerman
2005-01-17, 20:32
> Phillip Kerman <lists@...> writes:
> > Anyway, the solution that I have found--which seems pretty
> perfect is to
> > just force all streams to come over as PCM.
> Phillip
> I don't think that your 'work around' is absolutely
> guaranteed to work ... :-O
> As I understand it, the 'channel swap thing' on the digital out
> occurs when the DSP chip switches from MP3 mode to PCM mode.
> Unfortunately the chip powers up in MP3 mode so (for us PCM
> only users)
> it always has to switch from MP3 mode to PCM mode ...
> ... and then it is just a matter of chance
> as to whether the channels are reversed :-(

You might be right. But I haven't experienced it yet since I switched to
PCM only mode. It only crops up when I go to MP3 and back.