View Full Version : L/R channels sometimes reversed when using optical output

Phillip Kerman
2005-01-17, 20:31
> > Humour appreciated, but you don't have to be an audiophile
> to find this
> > irritating. For example, listening to classical music with
> the Orchestra
> > the "wrong" way round is most disconcerting! Also, jazz
> recorded with
> > instruments panned fairly hard left or right sounds odd.
> Well, maybe audiophile isn't the right word. Then what is?
> Aficionado?
> Enthusiast? Devotee?
> Someone-who-can-tell-which-side-of-a-jazz-ensemble-is-the-right-side?
> I'm kind of serious here -- I know there are some people who
> actually sit in
> front of their stereo and listen to the music while facing
> the speakers.
> I'm not one of them. I'm always walking around, doing
> chores, cooking, or
> generally whirling like a dervish, which is why whole-house
> audio is way,
> way, WAY more important to me than correct left/right
> orientation. (Thank
> you Slim Devices for supporting whole house audio!)
> So what is the right word for these true listeners, who can
> tell when the
> music is backwards? If they're not one-and-the-same as the people who
> subscribe to "Stereophile" magazine, I think we should have a
> word for them.
> If there's not a word out there already, I think we should
> make up a new
> one.

I hear you--you don't face your speakers. But I STILL think you're missing
a point about imaging. Depending on the recording, the virtual stage that
appears in front of the speakers will only appear if the L/R is correct. If
you really want good quality at any angle you should probably set your
equipement to MONO. Then, there's less distortion.