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Jack Straw
2005-01-17, 18:44
I get this a lot with all mp3 files on OSX. It might
have something to do with the server scanning the
library. I did notice that turning on “Cache” in
server settings:performance:music library database
minimized this problem noticeably. If scanning is a
contributing factor, is it possible to make the server
not scan if a player is playing?


--- Maik Musall <lists (AT) musall (DOT) de> wrote:

> Same thing here, with ogg files, Linux server and
> wireless. I already
> wrote a report six days ago on this list (subject
> "Occasional dropouts
> during ogg playback") with no answers from anybody.
> I suspect the perl slimserver is doing something
> that prevents it to
> manage the oggdec or flac to wav pipeline streaming
> for a few seconds
> since multithreading is somewhat flawed.
> On Mon, Jan 17, 2005 at 02:59:48PM -0600, Mitch
> Harding wrote:
> > When playing music on my SB, I experience periodic
> pauses. They
> > happen, at a guess, every 30 minutes or so. But
> that's just a guess.
> > When they happen, the SB display freezes (if the
> song title is
> > scrolling, it stops) and the music also freezes.
> A short time later
> > (normally 3 or 4 seconds, but sometimes it will
> last closer to 10) the
> > music and the display resume exactly where they
> left off.
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