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Michael Haan
2005-01-17, 14:05
This happens to me as well, and I've been unable to find a fix.  The only noable difference b/t your setup and mine is that a segment of the connection b/t my SB and slimserver does run over powerline (though the slim traffic should be the ONLY thing running over that link).

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>Subject: [slim] Periodic pauses in playback

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>When playing music on my SB, I experience periodic pauses.  They happen, at a guess, every 30 minutes or so.  But that's just a guess.  When they happen, the SB display freezes (if the song title is scrolling, it stops) and the music also freezes.  A short time later (normally 3 or 4 seconds, but sometimes it will last closer to 10) the music and the display resume exactly where they left off.


>I play almost exclusively FLAC files.  My SB is WIRED not wireless.  There is typically very litle network activity on my network, so I don't expect network saturation is causing this.  My SB is connected to the server via Microsoft wireless base station/4-port router.


>I have server version 5.4.0 running on Windows XP.  My firmware level is 40.  I have the graphical display.  Nothing else runs on the server except the Slimserver software.  I recently also installed Norton Antivirus, but I was experiencing this problem prior to the installation.  I also recently moved to Windows SP2, but again, I was experiencing this problem prior to that.  My system has 512MB RAM and 950MHz AMD Athlon processor.


>I have observed this in previous server/firmware levels as well.  I don't recall when it first began showing up.


>I've also noticed that my music hitches if I am using the web interface to add music to the playlist, although it does not normally pause if I add music using the remote control.  I also experience these hitches if I adjust the shuffle setting, whether via remote control or via the web interface.


>I saw one Bugzilla defect similar to this, but it wasn't exactly the same, and it hadn't been commented in a while.  Is this a known issue, or should I open a defect?  Or are there some things I should try first?


>Thanks for the help.





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