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2005-01-17, 13:36
I'm digitizing my vinyl collection too, but I must say I NEVER use any
cleaning tools. Good tools will surely exist, but I have not found them yet
- I always get the feeling I listen with some sort of bag over my head after
trying to clean the original sound. So I record the records as they are:
directly to WAV and leave the record noises and scratches as they are - the
crisper the better. Just reminds me where these tracks originally came from

The volume problem was solved for me using MP3Gain, which is much better
than normalizing and is non-destructive: http://mp3gain.sourceforge.net/

Complete process for me is:
- record to WAV via line-in
- Split to tracks using WAVsplitter
- Encode to HQ MP3 (using Audiograbber + Lame encoder)
- Volume levelling using MP3Gain
- Tag using Tag & Rename

....a quite intensive process, but at least I get to hear all my records once
again :-)



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Subject: [slim] Recommendations for copying vinyl for squeezebox use


Not specifically a squeezebox question, but hopefully a few folk out there
will have tackled this one.

I'm currently copying my old vinyl onto CD prior to ripping to the PC hard
drive. This way I have a WAV version for future use, and an MP3 for
streaming to the squeezebox.

The CD - computer work is done by EAC + LAME encoder - works plenty well
enough for me.

I'm using Steinberg's 'Clean' software to record the vinyl - but the
finished results seem a bit dull, and low volume by comparison to stuff
ripped straight from 'proper' CDs.

Has anyone any other suggestions? I've done about 50/60 of 350, so if
there's a better way I'd love to know about it sooner rather than later!

Thanks in advance