View Full Version : Recommendations for copying vinyl for squeezebox use

Donald MacNeill
2005-01-17, 13:09
Thanks to those who've replied so far.

I guess I could buy the CDs cheap when available, or buy the tracks from a download site, but it would bug me having to pay for them twice (it'll be the Scottish blood in me!). I'm planning to 'archive' the LPs and deck when the process is finished, so it's a case of all or nothing.

I agree with the comment that we must have been used to pretty poor sound quality on some vinyl even when new. You don't need a microscope to see the stylus arm waving from side to side!

I guess I now have two new options to try - Audiograbber/algorithmix and CoolEdit - do they both have an 'auto' function to get rid of clicks and crackles? 'Clean' does, which is an advantage - I find I can do an LP from start to finish in about 2.5 hrs. I certainly wouldn't have the time or patience to go through and deal with clicks etc manually!