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Mark Teigen
2005-01-17, 12:07
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Subject: [slim] Recommendations for copying vinyl for squeezebox use

Donald MacNeill wrote:

> I'm currently copying my old vinyl onto CD prior to ripping to the PC hard
drive. This way I have a WAV version for future use, and an MP3 for
streaming to the squeezebox.
> The CD - computer work is done by EAC + LAME encoder - works plenty well
enough for me.
> I'm using Steinberg's 'Clean' software to record the vinyl - but the
finished results seem a bit dull, and low volume by comparison to stuff
ripped straight from 'proper' CDs.

I have been using Audiograbber for the past few months.

It's great! Also my turntable is hooked up to a Amp. Audiograbber will
separate the files and encode them to Flac. (You need to down load the Flac
encoder). I also use the Declicker from:

Which will install a plug-in to get rid of the clicks. To me the sound
quality is great, but I'm no pro like some on this list. At this time I'm
recording over 400 LP's.