View Full Version : SB Problem

Tony D'Angelo
2005-01-16, 13:07
just got a new wireless SB and am using it wired. I'm having a weird problem. My SB is hooked up to my Unison Unico CD/DAC - SB digital out to the Unico's internal DAC. If I play any mp3's I get a continuous buzzing from the speakers when I pause or stop or between tracks. If I turn off/on the SB and Unico I get no buzz. If I play FLAC's and pause - no buzz. If I play mp3's and pause buzz - then play a flac - no buzz. It seems that whatever file type hits the DAC last sets it to buzz or not. MP3's make the SB buzz - any bitrate mp3's. I have the volume on the SB set to 40 and no limiting and best output options set. Does this make sense??

Any ideas?