View Full Version : iTunes Update Plugin Crashing slim.exe

Jon Pecot
2005-01-15, 13:56

I've installed the iTunes update plugin in direct
mode, and every time it needs to update iTunes
(basically, after any song is played), it causes
slim.exe to crash.

Here's the output from the cli:

2005-01-15 15:54:07.2583 iTunesUpdate: "Sand" was
played long enough to count as
2005-01-15 15:54:07.2585 iTunesUpdate: Played past
percentage threshold of 208.2
61 seconds.
2005-01-15 15:54:07.2587 iTunesUpdate:
2005-01-15 15:54:07.2596 iTunesUpdate: Attempting to
make connection to iTunes..
Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or
string at C:/Program Files/Sl
imServer/server/Plugins/iTunesUpdate.pm line 1183.
2005-01-15 15:54:07.3980 iTunesUpdate: OLE connection
established to iTunes:
2005-01-15 15:54:07.3999 iTunesUpdate: Searching
iTunes for *Klimek Sand*
Can't call method "Search" on an undefined value at
C:/Program Files/SlimServer/
server/Plugins/iTunesUpdate.pm line 1097.

Then it crashes.

When I take it out of direct mode, the crashing stops,
but I'd really like to get this working, as it seems
like a very cool plugin.

I'm running Win2000, with the most recent versions of
Slimserver and iTunes.




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