View Full Version : Overreaching filename parser

2005-01-14, 15:21
I have an album I recorded from an LP in WAV format. The
tracks are in a directory under the album name, under
artist name. This is how most of the rest of my library
is organized other than some odd tracks, mostly in WAV,
some in FLAC. AFAIK there are no tags on the WAV files.

In my library, the file names are in the form

nn trackname

where nn is the track number, so that the tracks are in
the correct order in Windows Explorer. For multi-disc
sets, the numbering is sequential across the discs; I'm
not keeping track of the disc number.

SlimServer handles this all gracefully; it even formats
the track numbers, discarding leading zeroes and adding a
period, and the tracks appear in the proper order, even
across multi-disc sets (it is because of this that I'm
quite sure there are no tags in the WAV files, since the
track number in the name would be ignored).

The exceptions are the tracks from the LP, in which case
SlimServer *removes* the track numbers, the upshot of
which is that the tracks are listed alphabetically. This
is especially annoying because some of the tracks have no
gaps in between. What's worse, the track numbers are
missing when I browse to the album in Browse Music Folder,
so I can't even get the tracks in the proper order that

I haven't actually checked every other album to see if
this is the only case, but it's the only case I've

Any thoughts? -:- dbls