View Full Version : Re:Working* Musicmagic integration (*for some values ofworking)

bart maguire
2005-01-14, 14:27
Well, I am not entirely sure that my report will be
helpful, see below.
What happens is that if I select a few tracks using
the web interface they will play, with occasional
dropouts, but if I try to select anything with the
remote control then the display will lock up. If I
wait long enough (sometimes 30-40 minutes) the display
will come back saying "Cannot open file for trackname"
or "Empty". Restarting slimserver is the only way out
of this. One time even this did not suffice and I had
to restart the machine. (RedHat 9.0 on a P3 733 with
256 Mb RAM)
However I don't know if this is at all helpful because
I was concurrently running Predixis MusicMagic on the
machine and it was using 90-98% of the CPU as it
analysed the music folder.
When I run 5.4.0 on a machine without MusicMagic
running I do not get these problems.

>Can you post some of the details about the
>problems that you had, or file them on
> http://bugs.slimdevices.com/
> 6.0 development is going along quickly, and every
> bug report will help
> get things in shape...