View Full Version : predixis musicmagic integration

bart maguire
2005-01-14, 14:13
Yes, it would be nice to get it working.
I recently ran a nightly 6.0 and the Musicmagic
integration worked but the whole thing was so utstable
it was not useable.
I then loaded a recent 5.4.1 and put the Musicmagic
bits back into slimserver.pl(from the 6.0
installation) and the prefs file and strings.txt, but
although I could see that it was using the
slimserver.pl that I had changed (I also changed the
version number) the integration didn't work.
I am now back to 5.4.0, without Musicmagic
integration. Musicmagic is running on a spare PC
analysing my collection. I hope that in a few months
everything will come together and we will have
Musicmagic integration in a production release. From
what I could see in between the lockups and crashes it
will take my listening to new heights - free me from
having to keep going to the computer, from having to
keep being creative, from being repetitive.

>i have been reading about predixis musicmagic
> integration with slimserver. it seems all fairly
> new but certainly some have got it working fine
> and been able to generate mixes from their
> squeezebox.