View Full Version : AlienBBC v0.91 - fixed Windows version, and minor tweakstoLinux version

Nick Ford
2005-01-14, 12:24
Just tried slim.exe --d_plugin and I get the same message, but I can play the streams (nearly) successfully. I say nearly, because although all the "listen again" stuff is fine, I've not had any success with the live streams.

Off the top of my head - chuck a copy of mplayer.exe into your windows\system32 directory, just to ensure it can be found - make sure the codecs are available, and check that your firewall is allowing slim to start mplayer (I needed to create a rule.

I wish I could do more troubleshooting, but the two year old is demanding attention. I'm going to take a good look this weekend, but hopefully you'll be off and running by then



"Ian Crockford" <lists (AT) iancrockford (DOT) co.uk> wrote

Thanks for your suggestion Nick, but unfortunately, it's made absolutely no
difference by installing an older version of mplayer. But to be honest, I
didn't see much hope because mplayer isn't even called during the start-up
of the server.

So, I tried uninstalling everything - including the SlimServer,
ActivePerl... Etc. You name it, I got rid of it, and tried reinstalling
from scratch. Still exactly the same error as before. During the "slim.exe
--d_plugin" test, I still get the following: