View Full Version : Jukebox And Wallboxes Get A New Life

2020-01-29, 19:38
I have been running a Pi and Amp2 inside one of my Jukeboxes for a while now and decided I needed to use a few wallboxes I have. I tore a couple apart and added touch screens inside them, one Android, one Wintab, and a Pi with a 7" touchscreen for tests to see what works best. Well... they all do, I need to make a couple faceplates but otherwise they are awesome. Wife loves it and they are just cool I think, let me know.


2020-01-30, 01:52
Nice work !


Paul Webster
2020-01-30, 02:31
I was hoping you would post a few pictures after your post yesterday.

Another approach ... not using LMS ... imagine if someone worked out how to make that front-end (and underlying architecture) work on top of LMS.