View Full Version : Has anyone run slimserver on both Mac OSX and WindoseXP - which is better?

Jim W. Howard
2005-01-14, 09:38
I tried running it on XP with my library (6000 songs) and it was DOG
SLOW, taking 100MB of memory. It frequently just stopped. I'd go to
the :9000 page to do something, and it wouldn't respond, so I would
look at the service and it had just stopped, no warning.

It runs GREAT on my 700mhz linux box though. Rock solid. I would
assume the same would be true on a mac with OSX, but I can't speak to


Kevin O. Lepard
2005-01-14, 09:57
I'm running Slimserver 5.4.0 on an older 700 MHz G3 under OS X
10.3.7. It's very easy set up and run. I've had no trouble with it.
I haven't had to do anything with it in months. My library is about
4500-5000 songs.

Kevin O. Lepard
kolepard (AT) charter (DOT) net

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