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Jim McCall
2005-01-14, 09:30
You can bet that soon companies will build a mini form factor external hard
drive case. Then you can stack them and all will be hunky dory



> Thanks all.
> Hmmmm - I think I have over 30Gb of MP3s now, although as I've finished
> ripping all my CDs that's not growing very fast
> (until I can face the vinyl)
> It's not exactly spacious with the 80Gb drive.
> And it would be a shame to ruin the appealing form factor with an
> external drive
> (not to mention the one I already have is too noisy for living room
> usage)
> James
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> On 12/1/05 at 10:10 am +0000, Craig, James (IT) wrote
>> Out of interest, how much disk space would be left (after OS,apps etc)
>> on a OS X 40Gb drive?
> Plenty. At least 20Gb. Of course, that depend on how many
> applications you use! The hard drive on my machine is only 40Gb, and
> after partitioning (not necessary, but when I started I wanted a
> separate OS 9 partition) my main partition is down to 34Gb. I've
> currently got around 10Gb free, but I have recently copied to my hard
> disk some reel-to-reel tapes using Audio Hijack, and as I haven't yet
> compressed them in any way these amount to around 10Gb.