View Full Version : predixis musicmagic integration

Callaghan Robert (Birmingham Heartlands and Solihu
2005-01-14, 07:17
sorry, posted again as wrong subject entered first time.

i have been reading about predixis musicmagic integration
with slimserver. it seems all fairly new but certainly some
have got it working fine and been able to generate mixes
from their squeezebox.

kdf has written a few times that you need an earlier build
(Nov 24 through Nov 29 which was prior to the branching of
5.4.1 and 6.0). He/She mentions it's not available but there
is a 5.4.1 on the nightly download site. Is this the one i
need?? If not is there any way to get an earlier build?

If not, any other useful info in order to get musicmatch
working with slimserver would be gratefully appreciated.

Is there a musicmagic plug-in available in the archives


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