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Dan Goodinson
2005-01-14, 06:27
This is bizarre. Now I see the same as Jeff Shanholtz. It's bizarre
because it is inconsistent on my SB.

Before I updated to SS 5.4.0, I tried removing the antenna (to combat
interference) but I found this made no difference at all to signal
strength at SB (f/w 39). I didn't really think much of it at the time,
to be honest.

Recently (e.g. the other night) I was messing around with it some more.
I had signal strength of around 75%, but there was some pretty severe
interference coming from somewhere. I removed the antenna, but this
time the display reported around 21% more or less instantly. I put the
antenna back, and got back to 75% or so. I just assumed maybe it was
because I'm running newer versions (SS v5.4.0 and SB f/w 40).

But again today, just to confirm, I tried adding a more powerful antenna
to SB. Display currently reads 86%. Remove antenna - no change at all.
Attach new antenna - no change at all. Cycle through all menus to try
and "reset" the display: no change. I had to power-cycle SB by holding
down the power button on remote before the signal strength "unlocked".
Now at 92%...


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On Jan 13, 2005, at 5:20 PM, Jeff Shanholtz wrote:
> Dean, it is not updated at all. I disconnected my antenna and the
> reading
> stayed the same. I tried backing all the way out to the main menu and
> going
> back in, but it was still the same. I tried turning it "off" and back
> "on"
> - still the same. I had to reboot the SB to get the percentage to
> reflect
> the fact that I had taken off the antenna.
Is this in the player setup area or once the player is connected?

> I will enter a bug on this. I hope it gets addressed fairly soon
> because I
> think it is an important part of setting up a wireless SB and could
> affect
> first impressions of new users. It was certainly frustrating for me, a

> long
> time SliMP3 user.
Absolutely. This is the first time I've heard of it and want to make
sure it gets fixed for you.