View Full Version : A plug for yet another MP3 tag editor

Ralph Edington
2005-01-13, 20:28
I just wanted to share something with the community:

In previous threads, there's been a lot of discussion of MP3 tag editors.
Well, I had a specific task I wanted to perform (details below), and I could
only find one tag editor that could do it. I know this program's been
mentioned before in the forum, but I think so highly of it, I believe it's
worth emphasizing: MP3/Tag Studio 3, found at

This is non-restricted shareware, which means you don't have to register it,
ever. (Unregistered, there's a small banner ad, but it's ignorable.) I
think I will register mine, because I found that this program can do some
things that no other program allowed me to do, namely:

I had several "collection" albums that had been ripped, which posed a
problem, because the ripper wrote the "true" artist for each track, leaving
my library with five million artists with one or two songs each. I don't
know why, but I hate that, so...

This software allowed me to re-write tags so that TITLE became a combination
of "ARTIST - TITLE". Then I was able to rename the ARTIST to some
reasonable name, such as "Collection - Best of the 70's" or whatever. I
could then find this collection easily in either "Browse Artist" or "Browse
Album" modes.

And I didn't lose any "information", because when the "TITLE" is displayed
in Softsqueeze/Squeezebox, it now shows "(the true) ARTIST - TITLE ".
(Unlike just blithely overwriting the ARTIST field with the "Collection..."
tag, which would lose the original ARTIST data.)

No other software I could find was this flexible and powerful -- I couldn't
find anything else that could perform a "batch" change of a field to be a
combination of other fields (at least not for free! I'm sure there's some
$$$ programs that can do it.)

This is a very powerful little package that's well worth trying out. If
you're like me, you're burnt out on trying new MP3 tag utilities, but I'm
really glad I made the effort and found this one.

One other thing: in addition to a ton of other easy-to-use features, this
program also has a neat "MP3 file trimmer". I'm sure the purists and
audiophiles will shudder, but I really hate it when some artist thinks
they're being clever by taking a 3:00 song and tacking on 10:00 of blank
space followed by somebody belching -- or some such thing, you know what I
mean -- so now I can easily cut off that blank space and have just the main

Tons of flexibility, power, customizability, and a bunch of neat file
trimming/tag fixing utilites, all for free, essentially. Check it out.