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2005-01-13, 14:32
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>On 13 Jan 2005, at 16:12, Michael wrote:


>> As far as the legalities go. It is not illegal to backup your dvd
>> your hard drive for playing through another dvd player. Just like
>> is not illegal to backup your cd to your HD to play through a music
>> player.
>I'm pretty sure no studio/distributer (or record label) have ever said

>that you can make a back-up copy of a DVD or CD, the only people I've

>seen say this are software publishers. It's become 'law' cos everyone

>does it, not cos it's allowed... I could be wrong though!

You are allowed by law to make personal backup copies. Check it out:


To quote a small part:

"Fair use allows consumers to make a copy of part or all of a
work, even where the copyright holder has not given permission or
to your use of the work. "

Having recently gone through this with my large collection of CDs, I am

sure that this is law, and not some "everyone else is doing it, so it's
type of mass people thing.

>> You could say, well people are just going to rent movies from
>> netflix and dump them to their hard drives for playing through this
>> device. Ok, so what if they do?
>It's illegal and if everyone did it there'd be no new movies on DVD

That is definitely illegal. But there would be new movies, it's just
that places like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video would go out of
business. Oh, wait - Blockbuster is getting clobbered by Netflix...

>> How is that any different from
>> someone going to the library to rent a music cd then ripping it to
>> their HD to play through their squeezebox. Or getting all of a
>> friends collection of cds and ripping them?
>That's illegal too...

It's only illegal if the user does not delete the music after the
physical media (and its owner) have left the premesis. If the media
is on the premesis, that music can stay on the server. This is
particularly useful for parties where people bring their own
music, I rip it for the party, then delete it when they leave or
very shortly after.

>> Video servers are here and will only be getting better. I would
>> to see slim not move forward with the rest of the industry like
>> beach has done with their audiotron.
>I'm quite happy with the way slim is moving forward... it does one
>thing very well. I wouldn't want to pay extra (or have to turn my TV
>on) so other people can stream video. That's why I chose a squeezebox

>over the other (sometimes cheaper) streaming devices.

Yep. I agree. I love the squeezebox for doing what it does. Playing

classical music through the digital out is unmatched in quality. There

are instruments I've heard in some of my recordings that I had
never realized were there before. My CD player only had RCA/analog
outputs, so when I got the squeezebox and connect the digital out,
I was immediately amazed at how different everything sounded.


Daniel Cohen
2005-01-13, 15:32
On 13/1/05 at 4:32 pm -0500, PAUL WILLIAMSON wrote
>You are allowed by law to make personal backup copie

I suspect this is true in the USA but not in the UK.
Daniel Cohen

Michael Alletto
2005-01-13, 15:55
On Thu, 13 Jan 2005 16:32:52 -0500, PAUL WILLIAMSON
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> >>>> joe (AT) hotandstripey (DOT) org 1/13/2005 4:10:00 PM >>>
> >
> >> You could say, well people are just going to rent movies from
> >> netflix and dump them to their hard drives for playing through this
> >> device. Ok, so what if they do?
> >
> >It's illegal and if everyone did it there'd be no new movies on DVD

Only reason I brought up the comment about netflix and rentals is
because a lot of people who don't think there is a demand or a reason
for a video type device like this always tend to bring up the
legalities as a reason against such a device. What I'm saying is that
what someone does with the device is not relevent to the reasoning for
creating a device. Its the whole old VCR arguement that happened when
the VCR came out, now they are having the same discussion about P2P
software and DVR's.

> There is a difference, 1 song lasts 3 - 10 mins, 1 film lasts 90-120
> mins. You wouldn't make a playlist of movies, unless you were staying
> awake all weekend and getting reeeeelleyy stoned... ;->

But the basics are the same. Squeezebox exists to stream music. A
video box would exist to stream videos. Basically the same concept.
Now what a person adds on or how they eventually use the device is up
to them. Why not add playlists though. I could select an entire
season of Buffy and add it to the playlist and it would play the
entire season non-stop. Or select your favorite friends episodes from
the dvd's and add them to a playlist to play one after another. Queue
up all the Alien movies or Godfathers, or Star Wars and play them
non-stop. How cool would that be!

I would prefer to buy such a device from slim, they have proven to me
that they know what they are doing with the squeezebox. But if a
competitor comes out with a product that does video AND music just as
good I would switch without thinking.