View Full Version : Was Nice box, now video server

Joe Hickey
2005-01-13, 14:10
On 13 Jan 2005, at 16:12, Michael wrote:
> First, lets get this out of the way. It does NOT cost 4 grand to
> create one of these devices. That is an extreme exaggeration.

I was just quoting someone else

> Now on to why I would want one. The concept is the same as a jukebox.
> I own a ton of dvd's that take up a physical space.

Good point, but see later...

> I have a single
> disc dvd player. The ability to store all my dvd's on hard discs and
> make them easily and quickly playable is the main reason. It is
> exactly the same reasons as to why we've got all our cd's ripped to
> mp3's (or whatever format) for streaming via the squeezebox. Why did
> we all want a music server? To create groupings of music to play
> easily and quickly and to store all our music in one central location.
> CD's or DVD's, it is exactly the same thing. There is no difference.

There is a difference, 1 song lasts 3 - 10 mins, 1 film lasts 90-120
mins. You wouldn't make a playlist of movies, unless you were staying
awake all weekend and getting reeeeelleyy stoned... ;->

> Suggesting to just use video on demand through your cable system
> proves how much people really don't get it. Why should I pay 8 bucks
> (or whatever it costs) to the cable company each time I want to watch
> a movie to send a movie across to me in a quality that is just a
> little better than vhs? If I want to watch it again I have to pay
> again and again. The selection is very limited and the quality flat
> out sucks.

Bit cheaper in the UK (for a change!), also quality is as good as
broadcast and films that haven't been out on DVD for too long
> Imagine sitting on your couch on movie night, you flip the video feed
> over to your video box and up pops a menu for video playback. You can
> scroll through your dvd collection based on genre, year, or search for
> actors or whatever. When you pick a movie up pops the scan of the dvd
> box and a brief description of the movie (this could be easily pulled
> from imdb or amazon or many other sources). Hitting the play button
> starts playing the files and there are options to either jump to the
> main menu or to just start playing the movie when the play button is
> hit. In another room other family members want to watch a different
> movie. In that room is also a video box accessing the same server.
> They are watching either a different movie or maybe the same movie, it
> doesn't matter.

By the time I'd done doing all that it'd be time for bed!

I only really get dvds of films I really like (and ones for my kid to
watch over and over), there's not that many that are worth watching
more than once so my collection is quite small (only 40-50) so it's no
great effort to browse my shelf, read the blurb and stick it in the DVD

> As far as the legalities go. It is not illegal to backup your dvd to
> your hard drive for playing through another dvd player. Just like it
> is not illegal to backup your cd to your HD to play through a music
> player.

I'm pretty sure no studio/distributer (or record label) have ever said
that you can make a back-up copy of a DVD or CD, the only people I've
seen say this are software publishers. It's become 'law' cos everyone
does it, not cos it's allowed... I could be wrong though!

> You could say, well people are just going to rent movies from
> netflix and dump them to their hard drives for playing through this
> device. Ok, so what if they do?

It's illegal and if everyone did it there'd be no new movies on DVD

> How is that any different from
> someone going to the library to rent a music cd then ripping it to
> their HD to play through their squeezebox. Or getting all of a
> friends collection of cds and ripping them?

That's illegal too...

> Video servers are here and will only be getting better. I would hate
> to see slim not move forward with the rest of the industry like turtle
> beach has done with their audiotron.

I'm quite happy with the way slim is moving forward... it does one
thing very well. I wouldn't want to pay extra (or have to turn my TV
on) so other people can stream video. That's why I chose a squeezebox
over the other (sometimes cheaper) streaming devices.