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Dondi Fusco
2005-01-13, 10:20
I would have to concur with Danny here as I too have
MCE2K5 and mainly use that for my music these days in
lieu of the SqueezeBox & the SLIMP3 that I own. I keep
the SqueezeBox in the Ent Ctr because of the RSS
tickers :)

All my media is centrally-stored. All VIDEO and MUSIC
files sit on my MEDIA SERVER and the MCE from the
living room maps drives for VIDEO and MUSIC. I then
take the main output and amplify it & redistribute it
to the rest of the house's TVs via S-Vid & RCA AUD D/A

I love the Squeezebox & SLIMP3.... but when
interacting with my ~70,000+ tunes, I do prefer M$
MCE2K5. Its just a richer experience IMHO (especially
on a 37" LCD-TV hehe). AND.... in regards to VIDEO and
DVDs, the MCE already does everything that either M$
or Slim Devices does for Music. Recording of TV, DVD
database with DVD cover art, reviews, descriptions,
cast, Genres etc... all metatag info for video whether
it be a TV series, sporting event or movie. All this
via a single remote control; a richer overall media
experience, again, IMHO.

My $.02,
-- Dondi

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