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Mark Gillespie
2005-01-13, 09:29
Hi Everyone,

After reading this threed I went and got my manual for my Yamaha remote that
came with my amp.
I have programmed the CD part of it now to be the equevilant of a JVC DVD
player, who needs a CD player anyway???
As you have said below...the buttons work excellently as described although
my remote doesnt have the characters on the numbers so it is a bit hit or
miss when trying to type in characters to search on.

My only question is....how can I re map the |< and the >| to actually go
to the previous track or to the next track as most of us would expect them

Any help would be appreciated :-)


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> I've just switched a learning remote control (Meridian MSR+)
> over to the JVC DVD codes to control my squeezebox. I don't
> know how closely these labels match to other remotes, but I
> guess they'd be close.
> This seems to be the default mapping, some sensible, some
> very strange.
> I *think* these are right, but I could have made some mistakes.
> MSR+ Button SB Remote Button
> 0-9 0-9
> Play Play
> Stop n/a (Stop)
> Pause Pause
> |< n/a (Brightness down)
> << n/a (Brightness down)
> >| n/a (Brightness up)
> >> n/a (Brightness up)
> Display Size
> Return Repeat
> Enter Shuffle
> Top Menu Now Playing
> Menu n/a (takes to "home" menu)
> Power Power
> I haven't found another button that does anything yet, but
> I haven't checked exhaustively.
> Volume buttons on the MSR+ go through to the amplifier, so I don't
> know if they would normally work on the SB on other remotes.
> I suspect that the strange codes can all be fixed by editing the
> relevant IR control (which is easier to backup and restore than
> the memory in the remote itself.
> On Wed, 2005-01-12 at 14:30 -0800, Ralph Edington wrote:
> > I'm buying a new universal remote control, just so I can control my
> > squeezebox from the same remote as everything else (my old "universal"
> > remote didn't support JVC DVD players.)
> >
> > Question: Can someone give me a comprehensive list of what
> functionality is
> > supported when using a JVC DVD controller? That way I can examine all
> > functionality to make sure it's working.
> >
> > For example, I'm assuming the up-down-left-right keys are mapped
> > correctly -- at least I hope so. But what about other
> functionality? Is
> > Play mapped to PLAY? Etc.
> >
> > It would be nice to know.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
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