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2005-01-13, 08:00
Dany Rego mused:

> I would say that a device like that wouldn't be
> all that usefull for FULL MOVIES, but for VIDEO
> FILES, whether downloaded, or perhaps recorded
> with a PVR.

You obviosly don't have kids. Or speak a different
language. My wife will often play movies in a "native"
language - we have LOTS of movies that the audio
is only in French, but I'd like to watch them with her,
so I need subtitles. If I'm not around, she turns them
off. Also, many videos have special features (games,
quizzes, bonus material) that my kids enjoy watching.

> I currently have a central server in the house which
> runs Windows XP Media Center Edition (which is
> EXCELLENT!!!), and that records all of my TV shows.
> From there, I use a modded XBox to view those TV
> shows, along with other video clips I have downloaded
> off the 'net. I do that because the media server is on
> the top floor, and my main entertainment center is in
> the basement.

Well, excellent must have greatly different meaning in
your world. MCE is ok, but still Windows. IMHO, there
is lots of room for improvement.

> These types of "media" playing devices are coming fast,
> and I can easily see them replacing my squeezebox in the
> near future (sorry, but it's true!). In fact...I was going to
> buy a few more squeezeboxes, but for the $$$, I can get
> full media players that interface with MCE, and serve up all
> sorts of stuff to my TV/Stereo.

They are definitely coming. If you are into letitng what Tivo/MS
tell you to save, sure. Last time I checked, there was no longer
a commercial PVR that didn't have a monthly cost associated
with it. My Squeezebox still does many things that the extenders
don't do - like control some of my other devices. I've almost
got my squeezebox turning off my reading light at night
and checking the status of my daughter's bedroom light via x10.

> Don't get me wrong...I love the squeezebox, but it's quickly
> becoming a dinosaur!
> Danny Rego

Want to sell it? I seem to recall the term dinosaur being placed
upon mainframes as well. IBM has release 3 brand new mainframes
in the last couple years alone. Since I don't have any intention of
letting Microsoft off my desktop, I don't think my sb will be going
anyway. I still have parties where the primary mode of "general"
entertainment is music. And with my SB the only thing hooked up
to whole-house audio distribution, it will stay that way for some
time to come.


Michael Scott
2005-01-13, 15:24
Quoting PAUL WILLIAMSON <pwilliamson (AT) mandtbank (DOT) com>:

> Since I don't have any intention of
> letting Microsoft off my desktop,

I keep Billy on a shorter leash than that. I won't let MS out of the VMware
sandbox that runs on my Linux machine. :-)

- Mike Scott
- mscott (AT) pyewacket (DOT) org