View Full Version : AlienBBC Beta - Windows

Neil Sleightholm
2005-01-13, 01:16
Thanks to Triode I got a sneak preview of this before Christmas and
thought I would share my experiences with this on Windows (XP and
Server 2003). Note: I have only tried this with SlimServer V5.4.1.

Codecs: I find I only need 2 files in the codecs folder
"Bin\MSWin32-x86-multi-thread\codecs". These are cook3260.dll which you
can get from the mplayer site (look for rp9win32codecs.zip) and
pncrt.dll. This second file seems to be part of the realplayer
installation as I had it on my PC which has real installed but not on
my server.

convert.conf: I have added the option "-vo null" to the mplayer command
line. I'm not sure how necessary this is but it did stop an error
message about it trying to load a codec.

Debugging: to check mplayer works use this command line:
mplayer -really-quiet -vo null -cache 32
To check that you can save to a wav file, use:
mplayer -vo null -cache 32 -ao pcm -aofile test.wav
(after it has been running for a while hit escape and check you can
play test.wav)

If you want to check an rpm url you need to add "-playlist" before the

I tend to test this out by using the command line "perl -w
slimserver.pl --d_plugins --d_parse" to see if there are any errors
before running it with the NT service. To do this you will need perl
installed on you PC. (Note: this is not necessary but for now you will
need to get it anyway so that you can copy the HTML perl libraries - I
believe these are being added to the main slim distribution).

General: this works really well! I find the "listen again" stuff seems
to work without a problem. Listening to Radio 1 or 4 live can be
problematic but I am starting to think this may be a problem at the BBC
end as I even get problems using mplayer directly.

Thank you to Jules and Triode for all there hardwork on this (and for
answering my daft questions!).