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2005-01-12, 18:35
If you add up the cost of the storage you would need to back up even a
modest collection then you are definitely over the $180 cost and as you
already pointed out you would have to buy a Mac also.

Last time I checked, backup and playback of DVD required hacking the
encryption on the VOB file, which I believe is a violation of the millenium
copyright act (which I don't agree with, but that's a separate discussion).
The only reason that most users can get CDs ripped is because built in
software in most PCs are now capable of this, you pop the CD in and either
Windows Media Player or iTunes does all of the work for you.

Maybe when such software for DVD becomes ubiqitous you might have more of a
point with this.

You say that you think the market for such a device is bigger than I think.
What I think is that Slim knows this market better than you or I do and
knows how much demand there is and right now the time is not ripe.

They are not sitting on their laurels, they just released the graphic
squeezebox less than six months ago and you make it sound like they have
abandoned their customers and products.

Slim was not the first to market with a streaming audio player and it has
hardly hurt them in the market. Far better for them to do it right (when
the time is right) then to race to the finish line only to wind up dead on

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> 4-5k? really, exaggerate much? Eyehome does exactly what I
> want a slim device to do and it costs $180 but I don't really
> want to get a mac and don't want to reorganize my home
> network to support it. I don't want slim to provide any
> software or anything to rip dvd's or do anything to do with
> creating the files, just provide the hardware and interface
> to decode them. This does not cost 4-5 grand. Other
> companies are doing it now, and more are joining the fun.
> I'd hate to see Slim turn into a turtle beach and never
> really upgrade their product.
> There is nothing illegal about making a digital backup of
> DVD's that you own just like there is nothing illegal about
> making mp3's out of your music cd's. This is exactly the
> same kind of thing, just different presentation. I bet 5
> years ago people were trying to give the same arguement
> against something just like the squeezebox and look where we are now.
> I'd place bets on the demand being larger than you think.
> On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 16:08:42 -0700, Jason
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> > I think folks need to come to grips with reality a bit here. You
> > start putting together a list of things you would need to
> do in order
> > to do video from the PC and you easily are talking about a
> $4000-$5000
> > or more price tag just for a home video setup through your PC.
> >
> > Even if Slim released a small video player that could stream video
> > files over the network the issue of allowing people to make backup
> > copies of their movies is NOT TRIVIAL and I doubt that Slim
> wants to
> > be one of the companies getting sued and harassed by the
> motion picture companies.
> >
> > Whether there is Linux freeware to make backups of DVDs or
> not, 80% of
> > all Slimserver software downloads are for Windows and it's
> likely any
> > video solution would be purchased by Windows users too (in larger
> > quantities than Linux or Mac users). Users who are going
> to expect software "in the box"
> > for ripping and storing their DVDs. Users who aren't going to
> > understand the bandwidth requirements of doing streaming video over
> > their cheezy home network. Users who don't understand that ripping
> > and storing a dual layer DVD to hard drive consumes as much
> as 8.5GB
> > PER DISC. The average person probably has 20-40 DVDs and
> now you are
> > talking about them having upwards of
> > 350GB+ just to store a small number of movies. The real videophile
> > 350GB+ who the
> > device would really appeal to likely has 100 movies or more
> so now you
> > are talking about 1 terrabyte of storage or more. The
> market is just
> > not there for such solutions today.
> >
> > There's little question that VOD and HDTV VOD are going to
> be the wave
> > of the future but I doubt that Slim can gamble on such a
> solution when
> > the market is not ripe for it yet.
> >
> > If you are hot to trot to get a video solution going there are
> > solutions being demonstrated from Sony and others that
> basically turn
> > a PC into a "media manager" for controlling media content to a
> > display. The systems that have been shown so far range
> from $3000-$5000 and are "all in one"
> > solutions that don't include super high capacity hard drives that
> > would be needed to archive a collection. If you are really
> as gung ho
> > about it as you say then bite the bullet, because I am
> skeptical that
> > Slim will have anything out that does this for quite a
> while (months
> > or years maybe and then only if there is sufficient demand
> from users
> > beyond the subscriptors to this email list).
> >
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> > > The more I think about doing the mini-eyehome-dvd thing
> the less I
> > > want to. Mini $500, eyehome $180, a few 300GB external firewire
> > > HD's,
> > > $329 a pop (would need about 2500GB to store all my movies).
> > > A gig of memory for mini, $500 more.
> >
> >