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2005-01-12, 17:13
Are you not taking your schizo meds any longer? ;0-

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> Quoting Jason <jason (AT) pagefamily (DOT) net>:
> > I think folks need to come to grips with reality a bit here. You
> > start putting together a list of things you would need to
> do in order
> > to do video from the PC and you easily are talking about a
> $4000-$5000
> > or more price tag just for a home video setup through your PC.
> >
> > Even if Slim released a small video player that could stream video
> > files over the network the issue of allowing people to make backup
> > copies of their movies is NOT TRIVIAL and I doubt that Slim
> wants to
> > be one of the companies getting sued and harassed by the
> motion picture companies.
> not to mention, once the software was there to support it,
> some unnamed company would take it and use it to fix their
> own video player that never quite worked, then start selling
> it at Bestbuy and Radioshack while sending troubled users to
> this list for support...of course, that's all just completely
> random speculation with no basis in reality :)
> -kdf

2005-01-12, 17:21
Quoting Jason <jason (AT) pagefamily (DOT) net>:

> Are you not taking your schizo meds any longer? ;0-
oi! those are strictly recreational, I'll have you know.