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2019-08-18, 13:49
I just want to state in this forum, that the logitech media server (formally slimserver), and the squeezebox player, continues to be the best music player and music file organizer available. Even after all these years, and new products from many companies and developers, it is the best. Plex is certainly good and includes many other formats of media besides music, but for simply music, LMS is the best. It is fast, versatile, etc. I continue to not understand why Logitech could not embrace this technology/product, even now. The only blunder I have seen worse is why Sears would fail in the internet world with a catalog as large as they had. Enough of my rant. Good day.

2019-08-19, 00:55

2019-08-19, 01:22
I completely agree about LMS. It's already extremely versatile, and its capabilities continue to grow. Hopefully it has enough critical mass to continue for a long time to come.

I wonder if Logitech simply saw the writing on the wall regarding the development of software players, and realised that it would be hard to make money from Squeezebox hardware when in competition with, say, a Raspberry Pi feeding a DAC. SqueezeESP/SqueezeAMP (https://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?109838-SqueezeEsp-The-cheaper-squeezebox-in-the-world&p=947589&viewfull=1#post947589) is yet further proof. I do admit that it would be nice to be able to buy 'official' Squeezebox hardware still, say a 'Boom 2' for instance.