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Andy Dannelley
2005-01-12, 15:52
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> On Wed, 2005-01-12 at 09:56 -0800, Jonathan Miller wrote:
>> What about using a 160 gig wireless Buffalo Linkstation (or similar
>> NAS) for storage? I'm storing my iTunes music on mine and works just
>> fine with my iBook and streaming to Airport Express.
> Will the slimserver software run comfortably on this box?
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> Torgeir Veimo <torgeir (AT) pobox (DOT) com>
To which box are you referring?

The Mac mini should be a perfect solution for most folks to use as a
Slimserver. Me foe example I've only got about 2200 songs, at almost
8GB, so it would be perfect for me. I'm currently using a dedicated
iMac G4 with 60 GB HD and after formatting it has about 55.76 GB, of
which I'm using a total of about 13 GB so there's over 40 GB free. A
40 GB Mac mini will be great for many, an 80 GB will be great for
others, and add the Buffalo (from above) and it will be good for just
about anyone.

BTW: All this conversation is not making it any easier for me to
resist pushing the "BUY" button on a Mac mini. I don't really "NEED"
one, but, well.... Must resist, must resist, must resist. (How long
can I keep this resistance up ;) resistance is futile ;) my wife would
absolutely kill me)