View Full Version : Pioneer networkplayer access to my LMS library

2019-07-16, 09:51
I have two Squeezebox Touch players set up to a Synology DiskStation with the LMS installed.
I would like to access the library from my Pioneer networkplayer as well, but are "denied access to server".
Is there some settings in the LMS that are restricting access or do someone have any aidea what may be the problem?

2019-07-16, 10:51
What model is the Pioneer?

Paul Webster
2019-07-16, 12:02
My guess is that the Pioneer device is trying to use UPnP-AV to talk to LMS.
If that is the only protocol it can talk (no AirPlay or Chromecast) then you could use Andy G's UPnP plugin or Philippe's (search UPnP in the list of plugins from LMS Settings/Plugins page).