View Full Version : Hello from uk. Request how to basic set up/sync my 3 Squeezebox radios

2019-07-05, 00:03

I have now 3 Squeezebox radios , 2 of which are 2nd hand . Sometimes one or the other will not play and I have the impression that they are not always linking properly to my Logitech Server account. I have been messing about factory resetting them and reloaded wifi info into them. Also reinstalled Logitech Media Server and logged in , but this hasn't solved the issue where it will not everytime just work (play something) when I turn on the Squeezebox. I have to first turn on the laptop, log in to LogitechMediaServer (click run as administrator), then restart Squeezebox ,and then it works fine - for a while. I am not sure where I am messing things up . Perhaps the 2nd hand ones are still married somehow to the previous owners Squeezebox accounts which is the cause for the sporadic operation. Thx in advance for any useful advice.

2019-07-05, 00:55
I have to first turn on the laptop...

Are your Radios set to play from mysqueezebox.com, or to play locally stored music via Logitech Media Server (Use 'Settings' > 'Advanced' > 'Networking' to check). If the latter, then LMS needs to be running whenever you want to play music, so your statement that you have to first turn on the laptop rang alarm bells. If you switch the radios over to mysqueezebox.com, then they will work independently of the local LMS installation.