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2019-07-01, 05:43
Hello all. I visit here very infrequently because for way over a decade now (maybe two decades) LMS plus a single player that I use to stream locally stored FLAC rips of my CDs has worked perfectly for me with no issues at all, now controlled by the excellent iPeng for many years. The actual hardware might have changed over the years, it's currently all (except iPeng) on a Raspberry Pi including the player (SqueezeLite) with my FLAC files stored on an external USB drive plugged into one of the Pi's USB ports and it all just works.

So why am I here? Well, I've decided to dip my toe into the 21st century and try a streaming service and now I'm a bit confused and scared of breaking something in my currently perfect setup. Some new speakers that I'm having delivered later this week have an offer of a 6 month Tidal trial so Tidal is the service I want to get up and running. I just looked at the web interface for my LMS and I see in Settings/Plugins that the Tidal plugin is active but whereas something like the "RSS News Ticker" plugin has a "Settings" link next to it the Tidal plugin doesn't.

Some more digging now leads me to believe that the Tidal functionality is enabled via mysqueezebox.com which is something that I've never used. Also, in trying to understand what mysqueezebox.com is I see a few things which, unless I'm reading them wrong, make me think that if I enable it that will now become the control point and I will loose the ability to stream my locally stored FLAC content.

So where do I go from here? Have I got this all wrong?

I'm hoping to get a setup where I can both stream my local ~700 CD collection plus also have access to stuff I don't physically own on CD via Tidal. Is this possible and if yes then how do I do that? (I mean how do I do it in the LMS world of course, Roon would be an option but at not-insignificant cost and also needing to move the server away from my Pi since Roon won't run on a Pi so I really would prefer to find a way to stay in the LMS universe to do what I want.)

2019-07-01, 06:30
I don't use the TIDAL plugin, but I can assure you that you can use TIDAL and also continue to control everything through LMS and continue to also play your local music collection. It may be that TIDAL requires you to have a mysqueezebox.com account (as does Pandora and a few other services). Having a mysqueezebox.com account does NOT mean that you can't use LMS.

Someone that uses Tidal and LMS can chime in about the specifics of setup.

2019-07-01, 06:47
Don't worry. It's pretty simple:

- in LMS make sure you enter your mysqueezebox.com (mysb) credentials.
If you have none, go create an account on the site.
- on mysb add TIDAL to your "apps", enter your TIDAL credentials
- TIDAL should sooner or later show up on your player or in iPeng

You'll then be able to stream TIDAL content or your own collection or a
mix of both as you like.

Make sure you're running a recent LMS, as TIDAL requires SSL support.



2019-07-01, 07:32
Thanks so much Gary & Michael. Yes, it all looks very simple and now you've reassured me.

I can't get my Tidal free trial running until my speakers arrive because the offer code is issued when the speakers are registered online but I'll post back my experiences probably mid next week once I'm up and running in case others tread the same path in the future.

I'm running 7.9.1 by the way. As far as I can tell with the 7.9.2 nightly builds (http://downloads-origin.slimdevices.com/nightly/?ver=7.9) still at beta that makes mine the latest stable release. Certainly checking for software updates in advanced settings on the LMS web interface tells me I am running the latest version so it looks as if it should be fairly plain sailing once I have a trial activated.

Thanks again.