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2019-06-16, 08:58
I could use some help with an intermittent web stream “stuttering” problem.

I’ve been encountering intermittent “stuttering,” clicks and squawks when using one particular radio stream with my Squeezeboxes. Other times the stream just stops. Most of the time there’s no problem at all. I haven’t had the problem listening with the VLC player app on my computer so I assume the problem is Squeezebox-related. The problem occurs with both the Squeezebox Table Radios and the Raspberry Pi+Squeezelite combo. The stream in question is KMFA https://kmfa.streamguys1.com/KMFA-mp3

In order to fix the problem I’ve tried the following, which hasn’t worked to fix it:
On Player > Audio Settings:
Installed LAME and tried Bitrate Limiting, trying 320 and 160 kbps
Changed the Streaming Method from Direct to Proxied
On Advanced > Network Settings:
Radio Station Buffer Seconds was increased from 3 to 8 seconds.

What am I missing? Advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

My rig is LMS 7.9.1 - 1522157629 running on macOS 10.14.5 and listening using a Raspberry Pi running Squeezelite v1.8.1-704, as well as with Squeezebox Table Radios with software v7.7.3 r16676.

Paul Webster
2019-06-16, 09:49
You could try LMS 7.9.2 which has improved support for https streams.

2019-06-16, 11:21
The stream is a https stream which means LMS would have already been handling it (i.e. Direct not supported) as neither of your squeezelite nor Radio support https streams.

On 5th May Squeezelite had https streams support added - it would be a 1.9.2-1153 or later version and a version of LMS from after 5th May. This would not help Radio which would still need LMS support for https streams.

Within the last week, LMS has had another https change which fixes some https related problems.

2019-06-17, 14:05
Thanks. I'll give the LMS and Squeezelite updates a try.