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Allan Hise
2005-01-12, 02:47
On Wed, 12 Jan 2005, Vince LaMonica wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Jan 2005, Dave Pilgrim wrote:
> } This looks very interesting to me as I have my music on 2 x 250GB firewire
> } drives and have spares of all the other necessary peripherals. Can anybody
> } who is familiar with running slimserver on a Mac box say if the horsepower of
> } this new minimac would be sufficient to run slim without falling over?
> I run slimserver under 10.3.7 on my Cube. It runs as a G4, 450mhz. I
> upgraded the video and hard drive, and the 1Ghz CPU upgrade is still
> sitting next to it. Ripping music via iTunes does take a while with a
> G4/450, but playing via the SLiMP3 and slimserver 5.4 works just fine. I
> think the CPU in the Mac mini is overkill for the slimserver [i have many
> m4a files that it converts via LAME on the fly just fine with the 450mhz].
> However at that pricepoint, it's hard to pass up, isn't it?

I have a cube also, but upgraded to a 1.35 GHz G4 with 1.125 GB RAM.
That's pretty close to the high-end mini with max RAM (unless you look at
the cost...). The slimserver runs great on it, and has no problems even
when I am using the computer for other things... Photo editing, mostly. I
haven't tried playing music while playing warcraft 3 yet, maybe I will
tonight... Based on this, I my WAG is that the slimserver will have no
problems on the mini, and maybe even do OK with an EyeTV or similar (as
long as you aren't crunching HDTV).