View Full Version : Reception Problem with Squeezebox Wireless - The answer!!!

Brian Abbott, ACA Systems
2005-01-12, 02:15
Mine was the same timeframe, but no problems with signal strength. I guess
theoretically there's a 50% chance any one SB will be affected (assuming
human / random assembler ...)

jkouns wrote:
> Sean!
> Thank you so much for your quick reply!! I read your message about
> opening the SB and changing the antenna to the other connector.... I
> decided I had wasted enough time (3+ days and hours each night) and
> would get some sleep...... went to pass out and just keep thinking
> about it.........
> bah... had to get up and make the change tonight (1:30am).....
> Bingo!
> Wireless Signal Strength: 76%
> So.... all the people that are having wireless issues I would give it
> a shot. My SB was a Christmas gift so purchased in the Dec time
> frame. When I opened the SB all of the connections were taped down
> and the antenna was connected to the far side on the card from the
> back of the SB...... that would be the front side closest to the
> display.
> Anyways, I moved it to the other side, again when looking at it top
> down was closest to the back of the SB. The wire didn't want to lay
> nice, but I just used the tape there and secure it well enough and
> closed it back up. Thanks again for the info! --Jake
> P.S.-- so far it has been playing with no drop off or connection
> issues for the last 30 mins... =)

Brian Abbott

ACA Systems