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Paul Kelly
2005-01-11, 22:01
Sadly, no. And I miss the facility to record multiple BBC streams - current
affairs, comedy shows, drama, etc whilst at work. Is this something AlienBBC
could ultimately allow, when/if it's ported to Windows?

After an initial flurry of activity on the Dabbar forum, investigations
seems to have ground to a halt. Apparently it's something to do with some
low-level USB drivers which Microsoft changed for XP SP2.

There was an interesting suggestion by one correspondent, given the formal
announcement of end-of-support by Psion, that they release the source code
into the public domain and allow it to be maintained in an open source
manner, a la Slim Server.

Perhaps there are readers of this list who would be willing and able to take
on such a challenge?

Paul K

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Have any users managed to get their wavefinder to work under Microsoft XP