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Man in a van
2019-04-11, 15:30
I didn't want to go off track in bpa's BBC iPlayer thread, so thought to start this thread for any observations and opinions.

Last weekend I helped a friend set up a raspberrypi3B, running Raspbian Desktop OS.

He wanted to access BBC radio 3 programmes. Mostly he uses a Bluesound Node but it has no "on demand, listen again" features for the BBC Wireless.

Chromium browser is pre installed on the OS, along with a VNC server.

Connected up to a TV with mouse and keyboard he was able to save BBC Sounds to a browser tab and playback his programme.

He downloaded free VNC viewer onto his computer and then he was able to remote into the pi from his desktop, (a dummy HDMI plug helps with picture quality, well it will when I post it to him :rolleyes:).

I have a rpi3b with a dac-hat and can access the BBC website in the same manner. It also has Squeezelite installed so its primary use is as a Squeezebox player.:)

Both iOS and Android Tablets (and maybe phones? :confused:) can utilise the free VNC viewer, so access is possible with these devices.

I have fat and old fingers :( so a stylus might be a help in the future.

This system works fine, apart from some latency, but does allow easy access to the previous thirty days of programming.

Even easier is a Tablet (doesn't have to be top of the range, or too expensive) running the dreaded "Sounds" app, which seems determined to reek visual impairment upon all its users.

I still have the old BBCiPlayer Radio app installed and much prefer to use that (it might still be available for download from the respective iOS and Android stores).

A ChromeCastAudio (they can still be found) or a cheap Apple Airport Express or Apple TV can be utilised as playback devices and also slot into the Squeezeboxen eco system.

Just sayin, like :cool:


2019-04-11, 15:41
I've got a feeling BBC is going to kill the BBC iPlayer radio app as well - so we'll only be left with Sounds.

The BBC website Extra uses still has the programmes - just an easily processed version of the main index is gone. Looking around for another source of the index.