View Full Version : Picoreplayer network mount with wd mycloud home

2019-03-30, 11:23
Can anyone help? I had issues with this before and fixed it, but can't remember how I got it working.

The changes I've made are

-moving the SD card from a pi 3b+ to a pi zero w.
-I'm now using a just boom amp zero phat too.
-No change to wd my cloud home.

Picoreplayer 4.1

When I go to Lms settings I'm inputting the following.

Mount point- /mnt/Music

IP Address- the IP address of my cloud home as per my router

Share name- Public

Share type- CIFS

Username- my name? (should I know this? Or have input it somewhere else before?)

Password- going with a common password - again should I know this?

Options- Vers=2.0, UID=1001,gid=50

I keep getting a disk mount error message each time.

Not sure why.... Can someone help?

2019-03-30, 17:01
Wrong Vers option selected?
Start with 1.0 and see if that runs ...