View Full Version : can't get it working

2019-03-30, 00:23
This hasn't happened in a long time, that I can't get it to work. Computer shut off by accidental power cord disconnection. Upon reboot, can't get controller to connect. The controller appears in the choose player screen, but when I select the ethernet (it's wired), the circle freezes and then the controller shuts off.

Tried disconnecting and reconnecting power to receiver. Tried pressing the front of the receiver.

I've tried rebooting my modem and router.

Please help!


2019-03-30, 01:22
Is LMS even running? Maybe its configuration got corrupted in the crash
and fails to connect?



2019-03-30, 01:37
Thanks for your reply. My bad. I wasn't doing the proper press + and power reboot. So now it's fine :-)