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Mark Teigen
2005-01-11, 15:51
Thanks, for all the great info. You are right about using a DVD. I am going
to do both an external hard drive and DVD for storing in my safe deposit
box. (I never want to encode 300 LP's again)
At this point I am moving toward Retrospect.
It's a lot more involved but it will cover my needs no mater what I do.
Thanks again for all the info. This forum is a great source of info.

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rsnapshot is excellent, and it is what I use for doing my weekly backup
from my primary HD to my backup HD in my server. It's also superb for
doing backups over the network.

However, I think you will find that it isn't the solution you are
looking for if you want to burn DVD backups (as was stated at the
beginning of this thread). Personally, I think Linux's biggest shortfall
is in good tools for burning discs. I still jump over to windows for
doing that...

Michael Herger wrote:
>> Yes I'm using windows to back up my Fedora disk.
>> I'm just starting to use Linux.
>> So I feel a little safer with windows.
>> What would your recommend for Linux?
> http://www.rsnapshot.org