View Full Version : Squeezebox NOT resetting! Used device retains previous user settings...

Eric Seaberg
2019-03-27, 19:29
I just picked up a used Squeezebox to replace my dead duet receiver. I've reset it to 'factory settings' by holding down + on the remote while plugging in the power... all good, except it retained the previous owner's SqueezeNetwork settings. I can't do anything to change them! It's not a deal breaker since I use proxied streaming for all the devices at home, but if I wanted to use it away from my home network, not good.

The strange thing is, I'm able to access the previous owner's account including favorites, apps, everything... just doesn't quite feel right.

Any help would be appreciated.


2019-03-27, 22:27
Ask the previous owner to remove the squeezebox from its mysbc account.

Eric Seaberg
2019-03-28, 02:29
Ha... so obvious. THANKS! I hadn't thought of that...