View Full Version : BBC R3 cutting back Late Junction & Music Planet and ending Jazz Now & Geoffrey Smith

2019-03-16, 05:56
It's getting increasingly difficult to defend the many barmy decisions made by BBC management, but this one really takes the biscuit! Some brainless suit called Alan Davey - apparently the (Fat?) Controller of Radio 3 - has just announced that he's decided to massively cut back Late Junction and Music Planet and cancel Jazz Now and Geoffrey Smith's Jazz on BBC Radio 3. Thanks to Triode & bpa's iPlayer Squeezebox Plugin these are my staple listening in the sea of tedious pap that the BBC otherwise broadcast. If the BBC charter means anything it should defend and nurture shows that wouldn't find a home on other outlets. I'll admit that these shows, especially Late Junction and Jazz Now can be pretty variable but Late Junction in particular is unique and special in its eclectic range of programming and the way it mixes the familiar with the totally off-the-wall.

Lots of comments and at least three petitions running to challenge this, but maybe it's finally time to march to Broadcasting House armed with pitchforks!

Guardian article here https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/mar/15/bbc-radio-3-late-junction-carries-john-peel-spirit-into-digital-age (>250 angry comments)

Announcement on BBC Blogs http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/aboutthebbc/entries/27517e7d-3e1c-4fba-8f29-cc5e84457fac here

Grumpy Bob
2019-03-16, 06:44
The plan to reduce Late Junction from three shows a week to one is terrible. There just aren't many places to hear the more unusual side of music these days. I don't like everything played on LJ, but that's the point - it's good to be exposed to challenging music.

Sadly, I don't believe it will prove easy to change Radio 3 Management's mind on this.


2019-03-16, 07:04
Some brainless suit called Alan Davey
In 2014 The guardian seemed to like him. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2014/sep/26/alan-davey-controller-radio-3-charlotte-higgins

I don't know enough but I think govt has been forcing cuts and I think has made some cowardly decisions such as stopping Free licence for OAPS and then making BBC either collect revenue from OAps Free or forgo revenue.

Paul Webster
2019-03-16, 07:29
My feedback to BBC via their blog
"Music Planet has already had half an hour chopped off the end to be replaced by the 30 minutes continuous music mix of "Music Planet World Mix" and now you want to remove another 30 minutes and move it to 1 hour later.
Next step .... BBC Three (TV) style and make it Internet only?

Please keep the variety, including unchanged Late Junction, and find homes for these shows somewhere on national radio and play it at times when people are awake."

2019-03-16, 07:41
..I don't know enough but I think govt has been forcing cuts ..

Yes, and the BBC seem pretty friendless in the current administration :(

If I believed in conspiracy over cock-up I'd wonder whether these cuts, especially Late Junction, were proposed in order to generate as much noise and objection as possible in the hope that the BBC bean-counters would back off and turn their attention to another channel, in much the same way that 6 Music was reprieved after an outcry. But as some of the comments on the Guardian piece point out, Late Junction is now externally produced (by the rather unfortunately named Reduced Listening) and cuts result in a straight and visible cash saving, so he probably means it. Deeply depressed that they're savaging some of the most distinctive parts of the schedule in a way which totally undermines the Charter under which they're supposed to operate.

2019-03-16, 09:42
One factor is that many don't appreciate just what they have in the BBC as a unique broadcast service (both radio & TV). As a long-term 'ex-pat' for most of my life, having been exposed to a wide variety of media outlets, I have always appreciated the BBC output. It's sad to see how much the BBC has increasingly been reduced by having to respond to 'commercial' and political pressures in recent years.