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2019-03-13, 16:38
Is there any way to change the mac address of the Radio?

2019-03-13, 23:01
> Is there any way to change the mac address of the Radio?

I don't think it's possible on the Radio (it was on older models). But
why would you need to do this?



2019-03-14, 00:29
As my profession I am doing projects in various locations around the country. To make my live easy, I am renting serviced appartements in the town where I have a job.
Actually, I am in an appartment with an open WLAN where each device is automatically registered by mac address through a registration process.
As a workaround I was thinking to fool the system by changing the mac address of the device. (SB Radio).
To get the SB Radio max address manually registed I would have to pay 120 Euros. :cool:

Paul Webster
2019-03-14, 02:23
Maybe you could pack a mini wifi router that has MAC cloning ability - with the added benefit that you would not have to change the wifi connection details in the radio each time you move around.

2019-03-16, 04:15
Paul, thanks for the hint. Will check it out.

2019-04-06, 15:19
I bought travel router from TP-Link.
Works great for me.

Paul Webster
2019-04-07, 00:05