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2019-03-08, 02:56
I'm wondering whether there is some convention for using sort tags where the names don't really have a first name, but rather use an adjective, or a title, etc...
* Lady Gaga
* Weird Al Yankovic
* The Notorious B.I.G.
* Sleepy Brown

I always only used the last name, when it was clear that it was a First Name / Last Name thing. However, sometimes it's not clear at all whether something is a first name or just an adjective / calling name. I had occasions before (though cannot remember the exact cases now) where for long I thought someone's name was an artist name with some adjective, when it turned it out it was their real first name.

At the moment, I'm more inclined to sort the above names based on the last name (or at least main part of the name) rather than as-is. When you look at Wikipedia, you see in the articles these persons also referred to as 'Gaga', 'Yankovic', 'Brown', etc.. which would warrant sorting them there.


2019-03-08, 03:06
I used to get tangled up with this too - life became a lot simpler (and more LMS-compatible) once I started thinking of/sorting artists by the first word that's not a definite or indefinite article.

2019-03-08, 03:29
For me:

Apart from The Notorious BIG, where the "The" could conceivably be at the end, all the rest are stage names and should be used canonically and in their stated order.

2019-03-08, 08:35
I have never bothered with Last, First - Eric Clapton has always been Eric Clapton and never Clapton, Eric - largely because of the sort of issues you have identified.

Eric Clapton & J.J. Cale - Road to Escondido is tagged so it appears under both artists. It only bugs me that my physical CD collection does not and can not match this sorting methodology.

2019-03-19, 06:17
I'm a big believer in K.I.S.S. and so I put detailed track info for the performer[s] in the artist tag, and then use the album artist tag to sort it where I want to find it. If u want server to ignore articles like The, u can in settings, or u can simply not include them in album artist tags.

If u want, sort specific tags can also be used, but I find that to be overkill, unless u want to reverse sorting for proper names.