View Full Version : Problem with SB line-in connections...receiver produces no sound...advice appreciated

2019-03-07, 08:50
I have a Touch and a Classic. The Touch has long been connected to my receiver, and the Classic has long been connected to my integrated amp.

This morning I turned on the Touch, but could get no sound. After much fiddling around I swapped the SBs, now connecting the Classic to the receiver and the Touch to the integrated amp. In this arrangement the Touch worked with no problem, but now the Classic produced no sound. So it appears that the problem lies with the receiver's line-in connections. (I tried both a "Video" line-in and a "CD" line-in, but neither resulted in sound from the connected SB.) Interestingly, the receiver's Phono line-in works, and I can play LPs just fine.

Then I heard a very, very faint sound from the SB connected to the troublesome receiver via the "Video" line-in. Sure enough, when I turned the receiver's volume knob up all the way, I could hear the SB, but at very low volume. But there was still no sound whatsoever via the "CD" line-up when I swapped the interconnects.

The only thing that has changed in my system is the addition of a Schiit Magni headphone amp/preamp, and a Schiit Modi DAC. Back in early January I connected these to the receiver that is giving me problems. Until this morning this set-up functioned just fine.

One more thing: For a couple of weeks I had my turntable on top of my receiver. There was about a 2" clearance between the turntable and the receiver, and I always turned off the receiver when it was not in use (well, it was in "Standby" mode rather than "On" mode, so it still received power). I guess there's a possibility that this created the problem, "burning out" the line-in connections, but I don't know enough about electronics to know if this could be the case.

Although this is, strictly speaking, not a Squeezebox issue, I'd be grateful for any guidance you can provide.



2019-03-07, 09:54
As a follow-up to my own post, here's a puzzling discovery:

A just tested my CD player with the "Video" line-in of the receiver and with the "CD" line-in, and in both cases the CD player worked with receiver with no problems whatsoever.

So, there's something about the relationship between the SBs (Touch and Classic) and the line-in of the receiver.