View Full Version : Cannot save 'smart playlist' as a Favorite - will not play

2019-03-04, 15:59
For at least 5 years now, if I save a 'smart playlist' as a Favorite, I get the message on my Squeezebox when trying to play it: "Cannot request non-HTTP URL itunesplaylist: (name of playlist)". The Favorite will not play.

The playlist will play normally if I call up Playlists and select it, but NOT as a Favorite.

For example, a simple 'smart playlist' for me is 2 entries, each specifying one playlist (ie: Match music for any of the following rules: Playlist is xyz, Playlist is abc). I use iTunes to create my playlists.

I used to be able to do this. My 'old' Favorites from years ago will play - just not new ones I specify as Favorites.

Any cure?

Thank you!

iMac, Mojave 10.14.3, Logitech 7.9.2, - 3 Classics, 1 Transporter, 1 Radio, 1 Touch (just updated from 7.9.1 today and did a Clear Library - still cannot play a newly designated smart playlist as a Favorite)